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Shana Falana


Painted album cover for musician Shana Falana’s 2nd release, Here Comes the Wave.

Kovo Rotisserie


Kovo Rotisserie






kovo carla rozman 1


kovo carla rozman 3


kovo rotisserie


Logo, website, t-shirts, postcards, collateral and original paintings for Kovo Rotisserie, a new Greek restaurant in Kingston, NY. The paintings, “The Women of Kovo,” are 6 painted¬†portraits of inspiring Greek women, including one of the restauranteur’s mom. Kovo is owned by Maria Philippis who also owns the popular Boitson’s Restaurant in Uptown Kingston.




Carla Rozman Faces


Carla Rozman Faces Paintings


carla rozman painting


In May 2016, I had a solo exhibition of 25 painted portraits at Cornell Street Studios. See my paintings at